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Agora Realty Group is your #1 contact for REO properties in the 
Cincinnati, Dayton OH Area

As Real Estate Agents in the REO/Foreclosure field we Pride Ourselves in the quality of work that We provide to our Assets Managers and Clients. The work we provide is among the highest in the nation. We cover in the Cincinnati, Dayton and Columbus OH. Including:  Brown, Butler, Clermont, Clinton, Green, Hamilton, Highland, Montgomery, Warren.

We are your Premier contact for REO/Foreclosures. Agora Realty Group is here to provide you with the most satisfactory REO service in the industry. We aim to improve our business on a daily basis and strive to stay at the top of the market. No property is too small or too inexpensive for Key to handle.

  1. Agora provides a one of a kind experience for our assets managers and clients. We provide a no stress experience for you with any property. We handle the property from the first BPO all the way through the Selling of the Property with the Asset Company.
  2. We have a Full Staff to provide the best and most up to date information on Your Properties. Staff includes an Billing department, BPO specialist, and licensed Real Estate Agents.
  3. Our inventory consists of Properties in the process of getting ready to market, whether it is an occupied , abandoned. In Pre and Post Foreclosure.
  4. Our Average Days On Market from List to Sell is 42 Days. 

We Provide the Following Services: 

  • BPO/CMA's, Drive By with full set of Photos, Interior with full set of Photos, For Third Party and REO properties
  • Occupancy Checks, Weekly property checks, Aggressively go after cash for keys in order to save the banks time and money in evictions, Report immediately when a property becomes vacant
  • Property Valuation and Maintenance and Occupancy Inspection, We have a full Property Preservation team that will assist with: Appraisal, Inspection, Rekey, Securing, Boarding up, Trash out (interior/exterior), Lockouts, Rehab bids and Repairs, Eviction, Lawn Maintenance, Snow Removal, Winterization and Much more during and post foreclosure.
  • Loss Mitigation, Negotiation with owners of properties that are in the beginning stages of foreclosures to help them sell. We work directly with the mortgage companies to find a buyer and avoid a foreclosure for the owners of the property.
  • Eviction Services, Once the property has been reclaimed we will coordinator and monitor the eviction including cash for keys negotiations.

Listing and Selling of the Asset.   We will Full Service Market and Sell the Property for you using our Professional Services. Full service marketing is given to every property.

  • Listing: Marketing the property via signs, website, MLS, etc., Email listing information to all potential agents and buyers
  • Showing: Any of Our Full Time Team of Real Estate Agents can show the property to potential buyers and write contracts
  • Third Party Showing Desk: Setting showings for Licensed Real Estate Agents and Delivering Showing Agent feedback to your Email.
  • Marketing reports: Provided every 30 days, MMR's
  • Updated BPO: every 60 days or as needed 
  • Maintaining: electric/gas/water service
  • Maintain: property with trash out, securing, and exterior maintenance as needed through out the life of the asset
  • Offers: Immediately presented to you the seller/asset manager at time of receipt
  • Counter offers: Immediately sent to the buyers’ agent at time of receipt.
  • Send Addendum: Immediately sent as offers are conditionally accepted.
  • Constant Contact: with the seller’s title company.
  • Constant Contact: with buyer’s agent to schedule closing.
  • Constant Contact: to insure the closing is scheduled and closes on time.

Agora Realty Group. offers a full REO services package. Regardless of what stage of the foreclosure process your file is in, we can pick up and manage the file all the way through to asset disposition.

Let the REO Professionals at Agora Realty Group handle all your Real Estate Owned needs. Personal Attention, Full Marketing, Complete Property Management from Beginning to End.

CALL Cincinnati Office(513) 322-1005

or Email EllenTatone1@aol.com

for Details on Our REO Services

REQUEST BPO (Broker Price Opinion)

FILL IN COMPANY AND PROPERTY INFORMATION BELOW. PRESS SUBMIT A Exterior "BPO" - Broker Price Opinion - will be delivered within 24 business hours of request. Interior W/Photos Within 48 business hours. For Immediate Assistance Call: (513) 322-1005 ext: 0 Terms: Approved Vendors Invoices are payable within 30 days of reciept. All other Vendors C.O.D. thru PayPal Online Payment Service. BPO cost is Waived at signing of Listing Agreement.